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Reading a magazine has always been pleasurable and exciting. Tasting the pages and taking advantage of the photos are opportunities for those who love to experience information, do not they? Thus was the thought of the Andreense entrepreneur Maria Vicentina, as it is known, the name of the maternal (Mary) and paternal (Vincentian) grandparents, whom she carries with great affection. “What we provide is the unique moment of consuming gastronomy, art, music, beauty in one place,” says Maria, who celebrates two years of space history known as connecting people through unique experiences.

The professional brought to her daily life the trajectory of more than 20 years as business executive of Editora Abril, where she was in contact with the advertising and content market of the best magazines in Brazil. All of this history was transformed into details in the environment of Downtown SA, located at Rua Senador Fláquer, 491, Centro de Santo André.

Therefore, let us know all that is possible to “read” face-to-face, why not say in an augmented reality, in Downtown SA. Upon entering, you are faced with two containers, which bring the specialties in barbecues, portions and various snacks; handmade burgers and rustic potatoes.

Passing through them, you are outdoors, with the right to beach chairs, plants, foot of jabuticaba and chuchu, which exhales the freedom of an outdoor area and the possibility of escaping urban chaos.

It also has the Californian rooftop, with panoramic views to the center of Santo André and to the sky, that the night is beautiful seen from the place, behaving up to 80 people.

On the right side, a bistro, which offers selected dishes every day to the ‘neighbors’ with a practical option for an inviting price. In addition, you may now be the masterchef, ie in closed events, it will be possible for the contractor to experience the kitchen universe. You have to see the schedule for this type of hiring.


Entering an outdoor area, a 360 ° bar, with 8 meters of counter, integrates the inside and the outside, composed of elaborate drinks, medieval drinks, wine list, sparkling wine and draft beer. It is also possible to buy the liter, after all, the conception of the businesswoman is to give opportunity for everyone to spend pleasant moments with optimization of the values ​​of the items. Opposite the beverage space, for the more “fitness”, there is choice of ice creams, acai, coconut water and desserts.

Walk a little further downtown and come across a large lounge with 12 tables and 50 seats, hardwood sideboards, 10 lounges with 10 tables with 30 benches of varying sizes, which is also designed for event booking, from miniwedding to fraternization meetings.

Espaço Downtown

Incidentally, the furniture items were produced with lei and pinewoods, which are the result of a restructuring, that is, what is left of the roof has also become part of the furniture. “We always think about sustainability. I believe that everyone needs to have this as a goal of their companies, “says Maria Vicentina, who along with her sons Fernanda and Felipe Faria, commands the Andreense structure, which has become a point for excellent festive gatherings.

In fact, these festivities stand out by the organization and thematization of each activity. From Luau, Halloween, Outdoor cinema, among others. To the sound of DJs and musical guests, the ‘audience’ can dance and interact on the spot with different cultures, managing to meet creatively and always provide a new experience as well as a product. “We seek references outside the country and we want the public of the Great ABC to receive the excellence of living and connecting,” concludes Maria Vicentina.

To seal, the universe that surrounds Downtown SA, the contact with a lot of art, through exhibitions. Even this year, artists were invited to eternalize their ideals on the walls. During 2019, those who pass by may have contact with works by names such as Cristina Suzuki, Denner Alves, Willian Pimentel, Danilo Yamamoto and Paulo Savela.

This Tuesday (18/12), the 2018 program ended with the The Flight of Water exhibition with Silvio Galvão, who worked in the scenery department of TV Cultura, as head of special effects, since the historical Bambalalão, through programs such as The World of the Moon and Glub-Glub, to the award-winning Rá-Tim-Bum Castle. More than 100 guests were present to celebrate this new scenario.

Privileging the region, the structure relies on the collaborative shop. Brands of microentrepreneurs are exposed and marketed, at a fair price, promoting and promoting localized businesses.

Now, the businesswoman handles new flights for the 2019 planning, they are also part of the launch of temakeria, coffee, cachaçaria and Mexican, leisure area with intelligence games, swings and lots of fun in Downtown SA!.

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